Frequently Asked Questions

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  What kinds of contracts do you require?
Depending on the size and complexity of your project and your preference, the contract document could range from a direct purchase order, a simple letter agreement to a standard-form consulting contract. We are very flexible as to the actual form of the document, preferring to concentrate on creative problem solving and timely production.
  How much do you charge?
Our fee structure is based on the type of project, the total size and length of the project and resources required to complete the job. Rates can be hourly (time and materials), fixed price or cost plus fixed fee, depending on budget constraints. Board Certified Senior consultants generally fall into the $75 - $125 range and Senior Technicians in the $50-$75 range. We will be glad to quote specific rates on your project.
  Will I get senior staff support for my project?
All SMA projects are managed and supervised by a Senior Board Certified Professional. In most cases, a substantial portion of the actual work will be performed by the Project Manager or other Senior staff. SMA will not substitute Junior level or uncertified staff on your project as is the practice with many larger consulting firms. Clients always have approval of project staffing.
  Are you familiar with my industry?
In addition to Board Certification in Comprehensive Practice (the broadest experience requirement), our consultants generally have more than 30+ years of experience in the field and have provided services to every segment of the manufacturing, construction and services industries. Our practice is to match the specific experience of our Consultants to the demands of the project.

How do I retain your expert witness services for a legal case?

After verbally reviewing the basics of your case we execute a simple letter agreement stating the services to be performed, rates and terms. We require an initial (refundable) retainer of $2000 to begin services and conduct our intial evaluation. Our time is compensated at $175/hr for all services. We keep you fully informed of all progress on the case and get pre-approval for each phase of our activity.

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